Paint Protection Film

3M Preferred Installer

We are West Michigans only 3M Certified PREFERRED INSTALLER. 3M Preferred Installers have received extensive hands-on training and proven their knowledge of the latest techniques and skills. This elite group of installers offers trusted 3M auto film solutions and professional installation services.

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Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint with Our Durable Film Solutions

Our paint protection film service is the ideal choice if you want to preserve the paint on your car looking brand new for many years to come. Our Muskegon, Michigan auto detail shop provides top-notch paint protection film that is intended to protect your car’s paint from damaging substances like pebbles, road debris, and even bug splatters. No matter what the road throws at you, our film will keep your car looking brand new because it is constructed of high-quality, scratch-resistant materials. Our knowledgeable installers are highly proficient at applying the film, guaranteeing a perfect and smooth application each and every time.

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Self Healing

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Easy to Clean

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Professionally Installed

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Scratch Resistant

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Wear & Tear Coverage

  • Door edge guards
  • Trunk ledge
  • Door handle cups
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Front Impact areas

  • Partial front hood and fenders
  • Full front bumper
  • Partial side mirrors
  • Door edge guards, trunk ledge, door cups available
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Full Frontal Coverage

  • Full front hood and fenders
  • full front bumper
  • full side mirrors
  • Door edge guards, trunk ledge, door cups available
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Full Coverage

  • Covers every painted surface of the vehicle
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