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    What does your exterior detailing include?

    We use a variety of specialized compounds and pads to hand clean and polish your cars exterior and remove scratches and blemishes, even those that are considered deep. Our ceramic clay treatment will actually pull embedded grit and dust, like brake dust, out of the paint and restore your finish to like new.

    Does your interior detailing include stain removal?

    Yes. Our process for stain removal is focused and thorough. We will first identify the type of stain – food, grease, soil, etc. – and then attack it with the right cleaning agents for each stain. We use care to preserve the fabric so we can bring it back to ‘like new’ condition as closely as possible.

    Can you do anything about smells in a car from cigarette smoke or animals?

    Our fabric and leather cleaning agents do an excellent job of neutralizing odors as they remove soil and stains. For more stubborn odors like cigarette smoke, we use a modern, ozone machine to thoroughly eliminate the bacteria and contaminants of cigarette smoke from your vehicle’s interior.

    How do I know what service to choose for my vehicle?

    When you bring your vehicle into Elite Detail, our professional and friendly staff will inspect your vehicle with you to identify exactly what you need and discuss with you the various processes we use so you have a complete understanding of what we do. Together, we can select the most appropriate and effective service or services for your vehicle.